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Syngonium Podophyllum

White Butterfly

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Syngoniums are a vine-like plant with green arrowhead-shaped leaves marked with pale green and cream, One of those classic indoor plants which are tollerent of many different conditions and indoor enviroments. They are widely qused in office buildings due to their low maintainance charactoristics. White butterflys also suit hanging baskets, terreriums and green walls.

Pot your syngonium when it starts to get out of porportion to the pot that it is in. What looks great is 2 in a larger pot tied to a totem, it will grow runners that will either hang over a hanging basket or climb up a totem like a vine. Feed with slow release fertalizer during the growing season, and you can use a liquid feed more regularly to keep it looking great.

Tip: if you have your syngonium facing a wall it will grow to one side, turn it around every now and then to keep it growing even.


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