Monstera deliciosa (fruit salad plant)

The Monstera deliciosa is native to southern Mexico. Commonly called Fruit Salad Plant because of the edible fruit it bears or the look of the leaves. This exotic indoor plant grows large leathery leaves and cream flowers. Young plants have leaves that are smaller with no lobes or holes (fenestrations) but as it matures it develops lobed and fenestrated leaves. This incredibly popular house plant will look amazing in a decorative pot as a focal point in any home. They can grow very, very large so you may need to stake it to support it as it grows. Position your Monstera in a bright well-lit room with filtered sunlight. They don’t like too much water so water sparingly, and make sure your Monstera isn’t sitting in water as they don’t like getting wet feet.


Plant Group


Size (Can grow to)

Extra Large 1mtr+

Growth Habit

Upright, Tree-like


Bright Light



Available sizes:

130mm, 170mm & 250mm

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130mm, 170mm, 250mm