Alocasia zebrina (Tiger Elephant Ear)

This Alocasia hybrid, Alocasia zebrina (Tiger Elephant Ear) hails from the rainforests in the Philippines. It has impressive and stunning shiny/glossy green leaves that are arrowhead or shield shaped, but what really makes this plant is the stems, with mid green stems with dark green and brown stripes, hence its name.

Alocasia’s like bright, indirect light but don’t tolerate direct sunlight. Alocasia’s like a good water and prefer fast-draining soil. The Alocasia zebrina has a dormant period where the leaves will fade, but don’t worry when this happens, just reduce watering during this period and your Alocasia zebrina will perk back up as it warms up again.


Size (Can grow to)

Large 50cm-1mtr

Growth Habit

Upright, Tree-like


Bright Light



Available size: 130mm & 170mm

Additional information


130mm, 170mm