Selaginella kraussiana (green clubmoss)

Selaginella kraussiana is native to the Azores and mainland Africa. Commonly referred to as a spikemoss or clubmoss.

It has soft very small green leaves that overlap on trailing jointed stems. The Green Clubmoss is compact and grows to a few centimeters in height but is a trailing/creeping plant.

The Selaginella kraussiana likes being in indirect light if indoors and partial shade outdoors as the direct sun may burn your plant. When used as a pot plant they prefer moist but not soggy soil. They are used in terrariums and green walls as gap fillers, they are good to fill in pockets of space in ferneries or as underplanting’s under larger indoor plants. They can also be used between large pavers in a protected area of your garden as a green lawn that you don’t have to mow

Plant Group


Size (Can grow to)

Small 10-30cm

Growth Habit

Creeping/Ground Cover


Medium Light



Available size: 130mm

Also available in gold

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Green, Gold