Ficus lyrata ‘bambino’ (fiddle leaf fig)

The Ficus lyrata is native to Western Africa and is commonly called the Fiddle Leaf Fig. A popular ornamental tree that is grown as a houseplant for its stunning leaves. The Fiddle Leaf Fig leaves are variable in shape, but often have a broad apex and narrow middle resembling a lyre or fiddle, hence the name. These broad dark green leaves can grow up to 45cm long and 30cm wide. They are leathery in texture with prominent veins and a wavy margin. Position your Fiddle Leaf Fig with lots of bright, indirect sunlight. Like many houseplants, your Fiddle Leaf Fig only needs watering when the top layer of soil is dry. The best way to test this is to stick your finger in the soil. Keep in mind depending on the season you may need re-position or adjust your watering.

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Extra Large 1m+

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Bright Light



Available size: 130mm

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