Nephrolepis cordifolia (duffi fern)

The Nephrolepis cordifolia is native to Australia and Asia. This variety is commonly called Duffi Fern or Lemon Button Fern. The Duffi Fern is a compact growing fern that boasts arching stems with tiny round leaves. The Duffi Fern or Lemon Button Fern has a faint citrus fragrance when handled hence the name. An attractive plant for an accent in a rock garden or as a small edging plant, it also does well in terrariums and greenwalls. Keep soil moist, but do not let the plant stand in water or let the soil dry out. Place your Duffi Fern in a semi-shaded position in your garden or in a filtered light position in your home.

Plant Group


Size (Can grow to)

Medium 10-30cm

Growth Habit



Medium Light



Available size: 130mm

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