Pilea libanensis (silver sprinkles)

The Pilea libanensis is native to Cuba. Commonly called Silver Sprinkles or Pilea Glauco. This trailing evergreen perennial has tiny green/grey/silver leaves dotted along a reddish stem. The Silver Sprinkles are ideal for a ground cover filling gaps in rockeries or a hanging basket on a pedestal allowing the stems to flow down. Position your Silver Sprinkles in bright indirect sunlight but will also grow in a shady position. The Silver Sprinkles doesn’t like extreme cold or frost. Use free draining soil, with moderate watering, allowing the soil to begin to dry between watering’s.

We grow the Pilea libanensis in both 130mm and 200mm Hanging Baskets.

Plant Group


Size (Can grow to)

Medium 20-50cm

Growth Habit

Creeping/Ground Cover


Bright Light



Available size: 130mm & 200mm Hanging Baskets

Additional information


130mm, 200mm hanging basket